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Taster Weekends

Taster Weekends

Taster Weekends


Our taster weekends are the perfect opportunity to see if we're the right place for you! Bring your family and share the experience with them....

  • Take a tour around our specialist facilities
  • Enjoy the delicious home cooked food
  • Sample our adventure activities
  • Stay in our accessible accommodation
  • Meet our amazing staff team
  • Have your questions answered

Taster weekends are for group leaders only and not suitable for potential participants They are recommended for new groups to really get to know us and groups who haven't been to Bendrigg in the last couple of years and want to see our new facilities. PRICED At just £36 per person taster weekends are truly the best way to sample the Bendrigg Experience, partners and children welcome.

Our Taster Weekends normally run from 4pm on Friday to around 2pm on a Sunday and include your family so it's not all work during precious weekend and we try our best to tailor them to your needs. There will (of course) be a sales talk somewhere along the way, but we won't include everyone for that!

If you would like to book a Taster Weekend but there are no dates available please contact our friendly team on 01539 723766 or email bookings@bendrigg.org.uk