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Inclusivity for cavers - A workshop for cavers

Inclusivity in caving- A workshop for cavers


This two day workshop is a chance as a recreational or professional caver to broaden your skills when it comes to taking people with a range of disabilities caving.

It will run alongside the Bendrigg Caving Festival giving the chance to meet people with disabilities with a passion for going caving.

The workshop will be run by Kate McCallum, Bendrigg’s Disability Awareness Advisor and Sam Litten, CIC and one of CNCC’s trainers.

When is it?
 24th and 25th February 2024

Who is it for?

This workshop is open to anyone who has:
Experience caving but not necessarily with people with disabilities
A will to further develop their skills when taking people with disabilities caving


How much does it cost?
£100 per person. The price per person is a reduced charge subsidised thanks to support from the British Caving Association. Bed and Board are not included but can be arranged at an additional cost.

What will I be doing?
Day 1: Disability Awareness Training, and on-site training
Day 2: Off-site day, this may be with a group from the Bendrigg Caving Festival or may be standalone

How Do I Book?
Select the dates you'd like to book on the calendar, enter your details and pay. Once you've booked you will receive a confirmation email and one of our team will be in touch closer to the time of the course with all the details you'll need.